We have an IIRC hard floor care certified supervisor that provides on site supervision and training for our floor care technicians.

We maintains a wide variety of floors including:

Carpet: scrubbing, shampooing, rinsing, and vacuuming
Polished Marble: mopping and scrubbing
Ceramic Tile: mopping, grout cleaning and sealing
VCT: mopping, scrubbing, restoring, stripping, sealing, high speed buffing
Stained Concrete: mopping, scrubbing, stripping, sealing, HS Buffing
Terrazzo Tile: mopping, scrubbing, restoring, stripping, sealing
Natural Stone: mopping, grout cleaning and sealing
Rubber Composite: mopping, scrubbing, restoring, stripping, sealing
Wood Laminate: damp mopping
Wood Gym Floors: damp mopping, sanding, screening, sealing and finishing
(We also can apply game lines for major sports.)

We have successfully cleaned in excess of:

square feet of carpet
square feet of vinyl tile
square feet of ceramic and natural stone tile
square feet of wood flooring

Over the last twelve months and have received numerous compliments from our clients and their thanks for removing spots which previous firms had been unable to remove.

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