There is no other material on Earth like natural stone. Formed from millions of years of geologic forces, natural stone is quarried from different parts of the globe. It is one of the most beautiful and durable construction materials available.

As durable as natural stone is, it requires a special care and protection to ensure a lifetime of beauty and utility. Many types of stone are quite porous and are readily damaged by everyday spills and aggressive cleaners. Even substances like orange juice, wine and coffee can damage the lustrous finish on most types of stone.

A basis understanding and knowledge of how to properly protect and maintain natural stone is an important component in preserving the beauty and longevity of any natural stone surface. We have the skills and equipment to tackle your natural stone floor professionally including both high end commercial offices and retail facilities.

We have expert crews trained to clean, polish, seal, and restore all types of natural stone. Whether your floor is travertine, granite, slate, flagstone, marble, Saltillo tile, or any other natural stone, we can provide you with excellent services.

We use only the finest products and processes that produce the most desirable results.

Understanding the type of stone, the environmental soiling conditions and the foot traffic is essential in developing a good floor maintenance program. Once your natural stone has been refinished, we provide scheduled maintenance to insure it retains its look.